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Hi there! My name is Haofeng Chen and I go by Haofeng or Alex. I am a first-year graduate student with Computer Science major at Stanford University. Before Stanford, I was a machine learning engineering intern at Toyota Research Institute focusing on semantic keypoint detection and tracking and 3D object detection. Before TRI, I worked in a start-up company as a machine learning engineer aiming to accelerate computer vision dataset annotation with the help of machines. I visited Berkeley DeepDrive in 2018 and 2019 and worked with Prof. Fisher Yu and Prof. Trevor Darrell.

I am from the historic city of Beijing, with alleyways and palaces to explore, frozen lakes to skate on, and rivers to run along. I love long-distance running, watersports, singing, and visual arts. I also enjoy prototyping with mixed media, and very excited about emerging art forms. See some of my works in the Whimsies section!