Hunting for ideas flash into mind
and crafting the reality

The distribution

Gaussian At Large

Fascinated by the appearance of a 3D Gaussian, played with plexiglass and np.random.randn()

The Matter Gun

Antichamber's Matter Gun, Floated

First attempt with the combination of 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, metallic paints, and EM Levitation from scratch. A tribute to Antichamber’s Matter Gun

The complete work: assembled by three parts

Road Trip on the M-Strip

A journey through cities and woods,
and back again and again

The game world erecting on a piece of QR code

Anicca: a Tale of Evanescence

Inspired by ustwo’s Monument Valley and Starbucks’ adorable square table; crafted before Apple’s introduction of its ARKit

See Project

The rim in SolidWorks

A Silver Model of the 20-inch Porsche 991 Carrera S III Rim

Modeled the original 20-inch rim of Porsche 991; first attempt to make silver gadgets with printed molds, fire torch, and metal clay