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Hi there! My name is Haofeng Chen and I go by Haofeng and Alex. I am a fourth year computer science major at Georgia Institute of Technology, with Artificial Intelligence and Simulation threads. I am currently a visiting scholar at Berkeley DeepDrive, working with Fisher Yu and Prof. Trevor Darrell. Before coming to Berkeley in May 2018, I was working at the Healthcare Robotics Lab of Georgia Tech’s Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines, working with Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee and Prof. Charles Kemp.

I am from the historic city of Beijing, with lots of museums I enjoy and my favorite places to run (like the Summer Palace). After graduated from the High School of Peking University (北大附中), I came to Georgia Institute of Technology to study Mechanical Engineering. I enjoyed designing and prototyping products in the first two semesters as an ME student, but after several hackathons I became more obsessed to bring immersive digital experiences to facilitate people’s life. I did my first several research projects at the Healthcare Robotics Lab, and decided to pursue the subject of computer vision after taking the inspirational CS 7643 (Deep Learning) and CS 7476 (Advanced Computer Vision) in my third year. Please refer to the Experiences section to see some thoughts on my coursework.

I am very glad to join Berkeley DeepDrive as a visiting scholar in the Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 semesters, focusing on human in-the-loop annotation with model assistance. We developed Scalabel, a versatile annotation tool with 2D bounding box, segmentation, bounding box and segmentation tracking, 3D point cloud annotation and point cloud tracking. I enjoyed developing this platform which faces the industry, and meanwhile allows its users to build all kinds of research projects upon it. I’m currently working on extended research projects related to annotation with the collaboration between human and models.

One of my favorite parts of computer vision is the vivacity of its open-source community: code and papers that are becoming more and more accessible, and the researchers that strive to bring insights from other subjects to make the field more theoretically founded. After working at Berkeley DeepDrive for better data annotation, I feel the need not only to serve the mankind in general, but also to serve the computer vision community to progress as a whole. I am excited to make some of my first contributions to the community very soon!

In my free time I enjoy playing tennis and all kinds of outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and skiing. For photography I also think I am an outdoorsy landscape-photographer kind of person. I have an affection with vector arts; sometimes I do graphic design and digital drawing. Having the access to the Invention Studio as a former ME student, I love making all kinds of gadgets in workshops and on my computer during free time. See some of my works in the Whimsies section!

Find me at the links on the left, and I’m glad to have you here!